Shocking Benefits of The Act of Appreciation

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness”Dalai Lama

Appreciation is a fundamental need of human beings. Every person is valuable and likes to be appreciated. Even dogs wag their tails extra furiously when appreciated for completing a task.

Appreciation is also a mighty strength to bear, which will remove awkwardness from work, school, or home environments.

Appreciation boosts self-respect and confidence. By appreciating a person, you value their existence.

Many will feel the gnawing lack of appreciation that they do not get appreciated enough. This can make the person feel demoralized since their efforts or skills aren’t acknowledged.

In our day-to-day lives, many people assist us. They could be our employees, colleagues, friends, and family.

But do they know if or how much you appreciate their assistance? They go about doing their part as socially expected. But wouldn’t appreciation from your heart work wonders in their lives?

We might say “thank you” daily, but the gesture for appreciation has gained inflation and lost its honesty. It has become chiefly a monotonous give and take policy.

thank youHowever, a mindless “Thank You” can be evolved into a worthy sign of appreciation by putting the two words in a sentence. “I appreciate your help” will speak louder and sweeter.

In other words, the little extra time you put in to appreciate someone will help a relationship both ways. Do not stick to the mundane two words.

There is always enough time to squeeze in two more words. One can also give meaning to the appreciation by being specific about the other person’s personality trait.

Here Are Three Ways to Express Your Gratitude with Added Value:

  • Appreciate the strength of the person like “I see that you are very creative”.
  • Provide a rationale to the strength by saying, “I noticed how creative you are for always experimenting.”
  • Show that you value their strength by saying, “I valued your impromptu creative solution to the issue yesterday.”

By expressing appreciation, you are giving that someone value. This is a valuable component of a strong relationship.

By knowing that the other person appreciates your work, you’ll see where you stand and what you mean to them. It is a way of getting informed that the other person values you.

Six Amazing Benefits of Appreciation

The act of appreciation has many benefits to it, and here are some of them:

1. Makes Others Happy

Happy KidsIn one’s personal life or professionally, appreciation keeps the relationship healthy. Gratitude makes everyone pleased for all who wish their efforts are acknowledged.

2. Makes You Happy

Appreciation is a symbiotic act. A smile gets a smile in return. So when you appreciate someone for their effort, you’ve just made their life better.

You’ll observe the pleasurable response in them, which in turn will brighten up your day.

3. Morale Boost

Appreciating someone boosts their morale. Besides, appreciation also shows the person that they have earned and lived up to someone else’s trust. So with a morale boost, appreciation also has a positive effect on confidence.

4. Motivation

Recognition inspires greatness. Appreciating someone informs them that their efforts have been recognized. Thus, appreciation becomes one of the easiest ways to motivate others. It can even encourage them to go the extra mile.

5. Build Stronger Relationships

When we express gratitude to someone, it makes us more excellent, social, and trusting. The use of appreciation in a relationship improves commitment. Thus, it helps strengthen our existing relationships and make new friends.

6. Increase Efficiency and Innovation



Appreciation impacts results. Employees who get appreciated show an increase in their work results. Besides, getting recognised for their efforts can also tremendously increase innovation.